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About the Store:

Purchases take about five minutes to process so be patient. If they take longer just contact a Server Admin+ or the Owner. There are all kinds of items sold in the store so come have a look. Donations made to the store will help the server grow by getting new and better plugins, and keep it running! If any item is not in the store but you're interested in purchasing, post on the forums under Suggestions. If you have any questions or need purchase support email: fadedroyals@gmail.com


- The account holder must be the age of 18 or older OR have parental permission.

- The account holder must have legal access to the Credit/Debit card, or paypal.

- No charging back

- We do not Offer Refunds. All Purchases are final.

- To finalize a purchase you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions.

- All other Policies/TOS



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We support all PayPal balances and all major credit cards.


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